4.- 5.8.2017 ruutinrannan puisto kemi

Festival info

Contact :


Puh: 020 745 9657


Venue address :

Hahtisaarenkatu 1, Ruutinpuisto, Kemi, Finland



There will be Satama Open Air and Band merchandise available for purchase within festival Area.


Age limits:

You need to be over 18 years old to access festival area. EU approved photo ID will be required to proof your age.


Videocameras and other recording equipment

Unauthorized recording of the performances is prohibited by finnish law (tekijänoikeuslaki § 2 ja 45). It is forbidden to bring professional photo, video and sound recording equipment to to the festival area. The festival holds the rights to confesciate any equipment or recordings. The use of cellular phones for photography and recording is allowed.


Physically challenged and blind people

A personal assintant is allowed to the festival area free of charge. However the assistand will not receive a festival bracelet and the assistant must be with the assistee at all times. There will be one handicap toilet within the festival area.


Tickets and festival bracelets

The tickets will be changed to festival bracelets at the main gate. The bracelet will allow access to and from festival. However please minimize the extra traffic trough the main gate to avoid unnecessary ques.



Trashing the festival area is strictly forbidden. To avoid this there will be plenty of garbage bins within the festival area. Please bare in mind that a clean festival area makes everyones’ festival experience better.


Clothing and weather/rain protection

Even thou everyone wishes it to be sunny, there might be rain. Also as the fall evenings might get chilly after sundown, it is recommended to have warm clothing with.

In case of rain, a portable raincoat is recommended. There will be light raincoats sold at the main bar and box office. For security reasons umbrellas are forbidden at the festival area.



Professional cameras are restricted to persons only possessing an official Satama Open Air Press/Photo pass. If you do not possess an official Press Card but feel the need of practicing professional photography at the festival, you can send an accreditation request to info@satamaopenair.fi. Even press personnel need to apply for accreditation by e-mail to info@satamaopenair.fi.



There is a toilet area at the festival with outdoor festival toilets. The VIP section has their separate toilets. There will be signs guiding you to the toilet area. There will be one toilet for the handicap people.


Safety and security

Safety = Comfort

In public mass events situations may change rapidly.


Here follows some general instructions in case of emergency:

-Follow the instructions given by the festival security and staff

-Take care of your friends and yourself.

-Respect the surrounding neighbourhood. Do not trash or piss around or damage surroundings.


-Avoid tight crowded places if you get easily klaustrophobic symptoms. Places like front of stage easily can suffer from pressure of mass audience during performances.


-If you do end up jammed in audince pressure, do not resist the movement but as soon as the situation allows, try to move avay from the crowd. Try to maintain your balance at all times. Use loud voice to get others attention. The staff and other people will help you as soon as you will get their attention.


-Please note the security personnel or a staff member if you notice any safety or security hazard or see other people in jeopardy.


-If you feel dizzy or unstable in the crowd. Ask the person nearby to support you or for help until the you feel better or get help.


First Aid

First aid is located near the main gate. Remember that all Security personnel are your nearest help in case of emergency.



In a pop/rock concert the sound pressure level may rise above safe regulations near the speakers and within the crowd. We strongly suggest securing your hearing. You may buy earplugs from the main bar and from box office.


Prohibited items and substances:

Alcolholic beverages, umbrellas, narcotic substances, glass bottles, firearms, knives or sharp items (a leatherman or swiss knife / multitool is considered as a weapon too!) any items considered to be harmful to people, explosives, fireworks and torches.

All confesciated, suspected items and substances against the law or subject to commit a a possible crime/violation will be handed over to the local police department. If you do notice to posses any such item when arriving to festival, you may leave it to the cloak storage next to main gate for 2€ charge.



Any pets or animals are resticted from festival area.


Audience behavior

-Sitting or standing on shoulders is prohibited

-Attempts to crowd surfing or stage diving will lead to the deportation and ban from the festival.


Own drinks an bottles

There is no free water supplies at the festival. All own beverages are prohibited. This applies also to unopened products. Beverages are sold everywhere at the festival.



However it is a seaside locationa and water may look tempting on a hot summer day swimming is strictly prohibited! Coast guard is patrolling the are by boat in case of maritime emergency.


Cloak service

There is a small cost guarded cloak service by the main gate. We recommend to leave any valuables to the cloak service. If you do forget any belongings to the cloak service, you may inquiry them from phone number +358 40 187 4662 after the festival.




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